Saturday, 9 January 2016



'Crowning glory of Chitaral', write-up on the ancient Jain temple in Chitaral and the intriguing story of its gopuram,The Hindu, 09-01-2016.


GAPAGE said...

Dear Rajeev
May i introduce me as a Compiler of Historical facets a Tour operator who use Coffee Table books as my marketing tool , i have done two books in the last 15 Years .Souvenirs from the Past which was a high end brochure cum Coffee table one in high quality Print win which i featured Old Colonial bungalows and marketed it in 2006 that put me on the Tourism Map ever since i was attached to quality Plantation tourism.Then I did the Path to the Hills about The History of plantation upon Western Ghats and offered it with its tourist destinations which was a great success in bring Old time planters descendants .It was endorsed by Sethu Lakhmi Bhai in 2011 .I am very close to the Royal family .
I happened to change upon your blog a month ago and was so impressed with the detailed and In depth research you make of the selected subjects ,The Tales of the CAPITAL is a treasure Trove of Information .
Now on my new book being completed is about People who made a positive change to Southern India , as biographers of many personalities like the I wish to take some blog excerpts from your findings and also credit it with great importance .The book will be self published and i will have it launched in Britain and India .
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Kudos to your work .You are doing a great service to History buffs
I live at Mundakayam and would love to meet with you at Pampady if possible .My Phone Number is 9447084310.
With great appreciation
George Abraham

Sharat Sunder Rajeev said...

Dear Mr. George Abraham,

I am very happy to know that my write-ups on Travancore caught your interest. Do feel free to include excerpts from my articles in your work. Since I have a limited space for my column, I have not included all the details in these write-ups, so if you need any further information, do let me know.
Happy to know the details about your projects, the books on Colonial Bungalows will be more interesting in a historical as well as architectural point of view.
I have now shifted to Thiruvananthapuram, my hometown, where I work at College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET), as Asst. Prof. (Dept of Architecture). Anyways, I would look forward to meeting you soon.

Thanks again,
Sharat Sunder Rajeev