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Last year I had an opportunity to visit Arumana Amma Veedu, situated in Arumana, Kanyakumari District (Vellalamcodu Desam). The Amma Veedu’s of erstwhile Travancore state are famous as the houses of the wife’s of kings of Travancore. Most of these houses had humble origins; they later gained nobility through the marital alliances they made with the Travancore royal family. The royal consorts were given the title ‘Panapillai Ammachi’. If a woman from outside the Ammaveedu's were to be married by the king, she would be adopted to one of the Ammaveedus first, only after the formal adoption would she be considered eligible to wed the king. This was the case in the marriage of Maharajah Swathi Tirunal, Maharajah Aayilyam Thirunal and Maharajah Sree Moolam Thirunal.

The male offsprings born out of this wedlock, between a Kshatriya ruler and his wife were called ‘Thampi’ and women were called ‘Thankachi’ and ‘Kochamma’. The very term Thampi and Thankachi meant, in Tamil language, brother and sister respectively, which indicated the position of the members of these families as relatives of the royal house of Travancore. However, as the Travancore royal family strictly followed matriarchal succession, the offspring’s of the Panapillai Ammachis never had the fortune to sit on the royal throne.

Main facade of Arumana Amma Veedu - Photograph taken by the author.
Arumana Amma Veedu of Vellalamcodu Desam, which came under the jurisdiction of the Maharaja of Travancore, plays an important role in the history of the state. The female members of this family were the consort of many kings, starting from Dharmaraja (ME 933-973), Balarama Varma (ME 973-986) and Visakam Tirunal Rama Varma (ME1055-1060). There is an interesting story behind the shifting of the capital from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvananthapuram, during the time of Dharmaraja, a decision which played an important role in the establishment of the prominent Amma Veedus in the capital city. Dharmaraja married four times, his first wife was a Thankachi named ‘Vadasseri Kali Amma Nagamani Amma’ of Vadasseri Amma Veedu. Later he also married from Arumana, Thiruvattar and Nagercoil Amma Veedu. The story goes that the king made four separate mansions for his ‘Ammachi’s’ in Thiruvananthapuram and shifted them to the new houses. According to historian Ellamkulam, though the capital was at Padmanabhapuram, the king spend a majority of his time in Thiruvananthapuram attending to his duties as the ruler (Prof. Ellamkulam Kunjan Pillai - Thiruvananthapuram Rajadhaniyakunnathinumunpu). This might be the main reason behind bringing the Ammachis to Thiruvananthapuram. Not very long after this, the capital was shifted to Thiruvananthapuram.

Later when Travancore revolted against the British rule, under the leadership of Velu Thampi, there was a noble lady from this house to help Thampi. It is said that Velu Thampi, during his revolt when he was in hiding, secured palace secrets and confidential information with the help of an Arumana Ammachi, a noblewoman of the Arumana Amma Veedu who was the wife of the then Maharaja Bala Rama Varma.

Arumana Amma Veedu has passed hands from the original owners and is now owned by the distant relatives of the former owners. The old house, probably built during the reign of Visakam Tirunal has large rooms with high ceiling, a courtyard and separate kitchen connected to the house by a corridor. However, when I recently visited Kizhakkemadhom Pratap, who is a descendant of Visakam Tirunal, he told me that the original tharavad of the family was a great ‘Ettu Kettu’, built in pure traditional style. Later it was demolished and the present building was built during Visakam Tirunal. It is said that as a prince, Visakam Tirunal spend most of his time in Arumana, the strained relationship he shared with his elder brother, the Maharaja Aayilyam Thirunal may be the reason behind this. Nearby the present Amma Veedu are the remains of a very old nalukettu, which unlike the new house, which had many evident European features, were made in pure traditional style using timbre. This old house was the Madhom used by the ‘pottys’ (priests) of the family. There is a story that Marthanda Varma murdered the last potty brothers who lived there, for their involvement in the conspiracy against him. Later, their mortal remains were found inside a secret tunnel, which connected the temple and the Madhom. The house has a small Kavu and some idols of ‘Nagas’ are worshipped there.

The old nalukettu - Photograph taken by the author.
Sarppakavu - Photograph taken by the author.
The owners took away many of the old furniture used in the house, however, the house still has a wooden cot dating back to the time of the Maharaja Visakam Thirunal and his beloved Ammachi.

The old cot - Photograph taken by the author.
The Kaelaeshwaram Shiva temple, on the banks of Arumana River, is near the Amma Veedu. According to the locals, this temple and the steep flight of steps, which led to the river, was the favourite ‘hang out’ of the Maharaja Visakam Thirunal. Every time the king visited his wife Lakshmi Pilla Kochamma, he came to this spot and used to sit there for a long time.

Kelaeshwaram Shiva temple and the steps leading to the river - Photograph taken by the author
Visakam Thirunal's favourite hangout - Photograph taken by the author.
Visakam Thirunal was a scholar, well known in Europe, for his articles in the major publications of the time. The king himself had good knowledge in astrology. It is said that he knew that he would die after being king for five years, so his proclamation started something like this, “Visakam Thirunal Rama Varma who will rule this land for five years…” He knew that he would not live for long, and true to his words, he passed away after being king for five years- 1880-1885.

The king was also very independent and courageous right from the beginning. In 1859 when he was only 22 years old he defied his uncle and married the woman he loved. His uncle, the king of Travancore, Uthram Thirunal wanted him to marry his daughter from Thiruvattar Ammaveedu. However, Visakam Thirunal refused and married Panapillai Lakshmi Pillai Kochamma of Arumana Ammaveedu on his own choice. She was also a very intelligent woman. The records of the Church of England Mission state that in 1865 she was the first lady to start English education in the royal house. She also learnt drawing etc.

Visakam Thirunal Maharaja (Picture Courtesy - Mr. Kurian (Statue, Thiruvananthapuram) and his wife (From a private collection - painting by Kizhakkaemadhom Padmanabhan Thampi, the Durbar Artist).
It is interesting to note that Sree Narayanan Thampi, son of Visakam Thirunal was the one who laid the foundation for vehicular transportation in Travancore. In 1910, he registered a company named ‘Commercial Transport Corporation’, with bus services from Trivandrum to Nagercoil and Trivandrum-Kollam routes at about 25 miles per hour. Later, he became the patriarch of the famed Kizhakkaemadhom family.

Later many prominent members of the royal family had married from this family. The old Arumana Amma Veedu in Thiruvananthapuram is a stately mansion, the three-story building still stands holding its head high, among the other Ammaveedus that line both sides of the Arattu road.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Arumana Ammachi stated her English education under the Church of England Zenana Mission in 1865 and set an example. It was only a two months later that even the Ranis Lakshmi Bai and Parvati Bai started training under the same institution. The memoirs of a French dignitary state that in 1883 the marriages (Thali Kettu Kalyanam) of the three daughters of Visakham Thirunal were celebrated with great pomp with all state officers participating. The three daughters were Bhagavati Pillai Kochamma, Rukmini Pillai Kochamma and Bhageerathi Pillai Kochamma. Indeed Uthram Thirunal did not approve of the marriage of Visakham into Arumana Ammaveedu. Like Ayilyam Thirunal he wanted Visakham also to marry his own daughter from Thiruvattar Ammaveedu. But many of the details u mentioned are new to me. Didnt know the name of Narayanan Thampis company for instance. Nice. : )

sharat sunder rajeev said...

dear manu,
thank you for the had already told me about the ammachi's english education, it helped my in making the article.
and about narayanan thampi, the old generation still remember the loud noise that broke the peace and silence of the city.

Manu said...

haha... thats interesting... yes it was he who for the first time brought in buses to Travancore.. i wonder what the bus tickets must have been.. im sure ordinary folk wudnt have been able to afford it...

priya said...

hey thanks for the info...even i am one of the youngest generation of arumana amma veedu(padinjarekotta,tvm) was so wonderful to know all these details...thanks again

Mahesh Thampy said...

Dear Manu & Sharat,

I belong to Nagercoil Ammaveedu and was searching for info on Achyuthan Thampi, adopted S/o HH Ayilyam Thirunal Maharaja. Achyuthan Thampi is my great great grand father. The Maharaja did not have a son in his own blood.

Are you anyway related to these families?


sharat sunder rajeev said...

hai priya,
it was interesting to see ur comment. u live in padinjarekotta arumana amma veedu? can u tell me exactly when this new ammaveedu in trivandrum was built?

sharat sunder rajeev said...

dear mahesh,
manu and me are not related to any ammaveedu, think i may be able to help u......where do u live?
i have heard abt ur ancestor, do u know pratap kizhakkaemadom? he is a descendent of irayimman thampi,he has a good knowledge abt these relations,i will let u know after contacting him....keep in touch.

Vijay said... Lekshmi,grand daughter of Bhavani Thankachi who is the great grand daughter of Sri Vishakam very delighted to come across such a magnificent article about the Arumana is truly fascinating n has captivated me

Hari Varma said...
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Hari Varma said...

Hi Sharath,
Itz a great work..Congrats!!!and....I didnt see any details about "Kalapaara Veedu" near Padmanabhapuram Palace....did You knw anything bout tat?....If so 'am very much interested to knw.

sharat sunder rajeev said...

hi lekshmi, it's always happy to get response from people like you, you should be really proud of your ancestory, as you are a descendant of a great king, you liive in trivandrum?
my friend pratap kizhakkaemadom is also a descendant of visakam tirunal....
keep in touch

sharat sunder rajeev said...

hai hari varma,
actually i have not heard about "Kalapaara Veedu", is it kalappura veedu??
let me check it out with my friends.
so, are u related to this family?
keep in touch...

Mahesh Thampy said...

Dear Sharath,

I have been trying to trace the parents of Achyuthan Thampi of Nagercoil Ammaveedu. His maternal aunt was adopted to Nagercoil Ammaveedu and later married by Ayillyam Thirunal Maharaja. the lady originally belonged to the Mathiripally (or Mathripillil) family of Cheranallur and the daughter of Sri Nadavarambath Kunju Krishna Menon, Valia Sarvadhikariakar of Cochin state, and Srimathi Lakshmi Amma.

I know Mr.Prathap Kizhakkemadhom, or rather I know his late father very well.

I would like to meet Priya and Lekshmi (grand daughter of Bhavani Thankachi).

Pls mail me


Manu said...

Saw all these comments late. I happened to be in Kerala. Sharat must have emailed you Mr. Thampy, but for the sake of it: You ancestor was either the son of Mathripilly Kunjulakshmi Amma or Mathripilly Karthyayani Amma. I think the latter because Ayilyam Thirunal's adopted daughter Ananthalakshmi was Kunjulakshmi's child and so the son may have been taken from Karthyayani.


Gopakumar said...

Kalappara Veedu also in Kanyakumar District having more and more traditional background, Still Kalappara Veed u in Midalam, If you need more details contact 09443607184(Mr.Anirudhanthampi,Experienced family member of Kalappara family,If you need more about tha mean search Kalappara in google or mail me wht you required Also am havoing connection with Aruman Amma veed & Kalappara Veedu,
my mail id

Sreejith Thampy said...

IF you want to know the revelatory details of KALAPARA house just go through this site "".I am damn sure you will definitely know what that means.Well its nice that u r blog is not so indecisive.Apparently we wouldn't want to have to tell your blog followers that u have been slacking ,now would we ?keep blogging pal.When i rambles through googling i saw u r blog and definitely i knew the one who commented above my scrap.So i just anticipated that u might need to know about the kalapara for certain introspection .That is why i posted this piece of prick over here.bye pal anyway nice blog .

Meenu said...

hai sharat.firstly hats off 2 u for gathering information and creating such grt article.hav u heard about V.MADHAVAN THAMPY who was one of the descendant of this family.He was actress ragini's(travancore sisters) husband.he had died in his early 30's.

Anonymous said...
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sharat sunder rajeev said...

hai meenu,
thank u for the comment. i have heard about Mr.Madhavan Thampy and his connection with the Travancore sisters r u related to him?.....i am collecting info & photographs of old families of u have any further information about the family?

meenu said...

no sarath am not related 2 him or the family.i have relatives in tvm and i hav heard about the tragic end of this man frm many.and so just curious to find more.had searchd in all net but in vain.Mr.Madhavan thampi is the son of lakshmipilla kochamma of the travancore kottaram.He was very handsum and aristocratic, born with golden spoon.He married actress ragini(youngest of the travancore sisters;lalitha-padmini-ragini).he was 9/10 yrs younger dan ragini.they hav 2 daughters,mahalakshmi and priya both married and settld(heard 1 is in madras and other is in US).ragini died early.madhavan thamby had a tragic death in his early 30s(mayb 33 or 34).he was liquor addicted and many exploited him 4 his money.and these are all heard information and am not sure if thrs any mistake in this.if u cud find any further information or photograph,pls do share.

meenu said...

Hope the below site gives u sum useful info

meenu said...

Col Anand said...

Dear Sharath,
I am Col Anand, MD of Arumana Hospital.I am married from Arumana Amma Veedu.I have creates a Family tree of Arumana amma veedu,which Manu must be remembering very well !!!!!!.Even the photograph of Lakshmi Pillai Kochamma is being used bu Manu afeter my ok.
Are you located in Trivandrum ? Then I would like to meet you.
Col Anand

Anonymous said...

Hi sharath,thanks for ur information about the amma i am trying to learn the history of travancore and ur work really helped me.during my holidays ,i used to travel through the historical places of travancore and i happened to hear about this ammaveedu on my way to the chitharal jain cave.After that i was trying to learn more about that and saw ur house is near the kilimanoor palace.

ganeshthampi said...

My grandmother SETHU PARVATHY PILLA KOCHAMMA was a grand daughter of Sri Visakham Thirunal.She died just 3 years back.U could get some valuable information about Arumana AmmaVeedu if U contact Mrs Girija,she is the wife of Upalokayuktha Mr Krishnan Nair residing at Sasthamangalam

sharat sunder rajeev said...

Dear Ganesh Thampi, thanks for the information! I will certainly meet her.....

Col Anand said...
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Col Anand said...

Dear Sarath,
Please delete my previous entry.Sorry for the private messages in your site.Do you have the id of Ganesh ?
Dear Ganesh,
I presume that you are Ammini Kunjamma's grand son. Yes, She passed away three years ago.Have you seen the family Tree of Arumana Veedu created by me.Details of your father's side is missing. Please contact me at for updating the same.
Col .Anand

South Indian Studies said...

Dear SaratSundar Raj

While searching for information on Chattampi Swami we accedenally came upon your postings. It is very intersting and informative. I would sugget you to publish a book with such photograhs and notes.
At least that will preserve our heritage about which we have no thought or love. a book on the old Trivandrum is very essential. All around every day we can see teh useless people easing a very important heritage item or part of Trivandrum like the butchers. From what you have posted I belive you can do a wonderfull book.

We are developing an archive on Chattampi Swami. We would like to get you pemission to include the your drwing on Your great grand father teaching Swami how to draw. We would also like to have the biographical information you have on Neelakantan Achari, as well as his relation with Swami and also any document or information on Chattampi Swami himself.

Regards and love

Raman Nair
For Centre for South Indian Studies

sharat sunder rajeev said...

dear sir,
thank you for the comment. infact i am working on a book abt my ancestors, dealing with their migration to the capital city and their involvement in the growth of ivory still collecting info on early ancestors n have managed to get info on many famous craftsmen of erstwile travncore state.....and i hope to brign out the book soon....i am happy to share whatever info i have on Neelakandan asari....and i will send u the sketckes too....can u send me your mail id....
sharat sunder rajeev

Vineeth Mathoor said...

Dear Mr.Rajeev (if I may),
My name is Vineeth Mathoor and I am a researcher at JNU, New Delhi. Thank you so much for your brilliant postings on Travancore royal family. I work on Travancore , so it was wonderful to read your articles. Your posts have many minute details and that's an amazing aspect. Very interesting to know that Trivandrum become the capital following the convenience of Dharma Raja. Can you please let me know how do you locate the sources for these articles? I am particular about sources as that can help me too in shaping my knowledge about Travancore. In fact, I may also think of a work on Amma Veedu's and their importance in Travancore's history. It is wonderful that I read your posts.I tried to contact you on but it bounced. Anyhow, please keep on writing.
Many thanks,
Vineeth Mathoor

sharat sunder rajeev said...

dear Vineeth Mathoor,
thanks for the comment.....please contact me via id:

am happy to share wat all info i have
regards, sharat sunder .r.

Raman said...

Dear Sarat Sunder Rajeev

his is in continuation of my earlier posting.
We are intersted to get all the information you can share with us on Neelakantan Achari, Chattampi Swami and their common friends. I wanted to include your drawing in the book on Chattampi Swami. But already the first version is out. An I am revising that for the next editin. So I will get time to contact you.

Regards and love.

Raman Nair.

Mahesh Thampy said...

Few more information on Sree Narayanan Thampi - He was the only son of Vishakham Thirunal Maharaja, others were three daughters. Palace astrologers predicted a very pathetic future for Sree Narayanan Thampi. They predicted that he will die in penury after destroying all his assets. The Maharaja was very sad and cross checked the prediction with numerous other astrologers. But none refuted the prediction. Jupiter was in the 12th house, which is very bad in terms of wealth. Then the Maharaja gave a standing order that his son may be given free food and accomodation where ever he goes till his last breath. This order was given to the palace administration. As predicted Sree Narayanan Thampi lost lots of his money in various businesses and he ended his life in utter penury. But as ordered by the King who has already passed away then, Thampi was given free food and accomodation from all Sathrams till his last breath.

Another story of Vishakham Thirunal - Once he was riding his horse with a group of his men, they saw a group of girls on their way at a distance. The young prince rode the horse straight to them. Girls got scared and they started running away. Only one girl stood there boldly. The young prince rode straight to her and stopped right in front and looked at her. She was so bold and she looked back at the prince. She was none other than Lekshmi Pillai Kochamma, whom he married later.
These were bits and pieces of history as narrated by my grand mother.

Dear Sharat,

From where you got information that Dharmaraja shifted the capital to Trivandrum for his wives? Pls let me know.

Mahesh Thampy

R Ramasundaram said...

Dear Sir
Thanks for your posts, iam a native of tirunelveli dist and have been researching on travancore kings who had been part of the place like Venad Kings, can any body can help me gather information and details abt the early kings who have ruled over the place and if any coins or any pics can be helpful.

yasho said...

Really Interesting, I was born and grew up in the Fort area in Trivandrum and lived very close to many of these ammaveedus in the West Fort area... I had a close friend who belonged to the Arumana Amma Veedu, and her mom and sisters were my mom's friends.. consequently I have heard several passing references to history.

I am now a writer and am thinking seriously about a historical fiction based on life of women in the amma veedus. I was really hard up for material. Now I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel...

Jayan Panicker said...

Hi shareth..very nice to read your blog. i am very much interested in old stories connected to travancore and royal family. yours writings are so informative.Basically am frm kayamkulam.There is an old family here in kayamkulam,particularly in place called keerikkad and the name is VATTAPARAMBIL KOTTAKKAKATHU. i have heard that they have some strong connections with travancore history.During the time of Marthanda Varma's war with kayamkulam they stood with and helped him. Actually lot of stories are connected to that family.

chatachi said...

Worshipping antler in the thekkathu was practiced in the Arumana Amma veedu in the past. Later, it seems that the shrine was relocated to Trivandrum. Can you please explain the importance or significance of antler worship which still continues in many ilamkams even today.

Sharat Sunder Rajeev said...

'Antler worshipping' is one of the primitive ways of worship developed by our ancestors....the early man associated some sort of divinity to these elegant beasts ....deer with antlers has been told as the 'vahanam' of goddess in the 'soundarya lahari' (?)( i have to check on this...). but however at a later stage the deer was replaced by the more ferocious tiger/lion and various other animals. the divinity associated with the creature might be the reason behind worshipping the antlers.....and deer was an useful animal in old days, man used to hunt deer in large nos, for meat and its skin......this added to the value. Hope i have answered you...
-sharat sunder rajeev-

chatachi said...

To view my article on
Antler worship in Travancore

Please visit the following cite:

skshinde said...

Sir I am only thankful but also having great respect to the Royal Family of Travancore to keep the secret of our religious treasure from the Mogul Looters like Md Ghazni / Ahmed Shah Abdali,,,,,

Ajit Namboothiri said...

sharat sundar,
Your's is a great initiation and effort ,namasthe to ayou.. I am so facinated with our culture

wishes from

Ajit Namboothiri

Anonymous said...
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thampiav said...

Hi Manu,
It would be fine , if you could collect details about Pathara Thampi & Thankachi.Pathara is in Colachel. Pathara is the place , where Marthanda Varma took refuge during the war. Also , i have heard that Velu Thampi Dalawa took refuge here.
Thampi A V

thampiav said...
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Jay Pillai said...

Hi Sharath...
I am Jay from Arumana Ammaveedu in Bangalore for quite a while. Great article which helps connect to our ancestry . I saw a couple of my cousins here .Lekshmi and Priya ... a Big Hello to them too

Sharat Sunder Rajeev said...

Thanks for the comment...Jay

raw_hide said...

Great Work! Good going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharat
I am Malavika Binny,a researcher from JNU,Delhi specializing in ancient and early medieval history
Found your posts while I was researching for an article on the Travancore dynasty.I found them to well narrated and interesting.Keep up the good work.Could you please post more photos of the Ammaveedu(s)or send it to my email id( it would really help me with my article.
p.s.if you need any help with the early history of Travancore ,do lemme kno
Malavika Binny
Research Scholar,Centre for Historical Studies,SSS,JNU,Delhi-67

Sharat Sunder Rajeev said...

Hi Malavika,
Happened to come across your comment. I am happy that you read my blog and found it useful. I am in Tvm now, will go through the old collection of photographs and mail you the pictures of the Ammaveedus. I don't think I have photographs of all the Ammaveedus. Most of them still remain closed for visitors. However, two days back I had the oppurtunity to seea lesser known Ammaveedu, they had an amazing collection of old paintings.

So, where are you from? Tvm?

I am currently writing a book on the ivory craftsmen of Tvm, their guilds etc...the work is almost complete. Now doing some fieldwork for my second work, about the old school artists of Tvm.

I tried to reach you via yahoo, but the mail bounced back

Sharat Sunder Rajeev.

Col Anand said...

Dear Sharat,
When are we going to meet?
Col Anand

Sharat Sunder Rajeev said...

Dear sir,
I came to the hospital on more than two occasions, however, I was not able to meet you. Now I am in Tvm, will be here till Sunday afternoon....Can we meet tomorrow?

Vishak Vijayakumar said...

Hello Sharat, I am Vishak, great grandson of the great grand daughter late Bhavani Thankachi(of Arumana Ammaveedu) of Shri Vishakham Thirunal. I would like to express my joy and the sense of belonging that your blog has given me when i read through it.It also tells the newer generations about our culture and traditions and how life in our land used to be. There is not much what the later generations can do even if they want to learn more about our past and culture. It is saddening to see that volumes of history vanish with each passing generation. I only wish i had spent some more time with my muthashi ( Bhavani Thankachi) who passed away recently. There is just so much i could have learned from her if she was here with us. It has been a pleasure going through your blog and the information you have is unique. I wish you all the best and hope that someday you may be able to publish your work.
With regards happiness and pride,

soorya narayan said...

I consider myself very fortunate for having stumbled across this blog while searching for old pics of travancore . Living near Kowdiar Palace i have always been fascinated by the history of this wonderful city especially the old buildings in and around east fort . Can you give me any info regarding the various buildings inside the Palace complex in east fort that lies between Kuthira Malika and the Rangavilasom Palace ( which is now a well maintained photo gallery) .I came across a very old palace that was very different in construction compared to the Rangavilasom and Kuthira Malika . It looked more like a kovilakom of north kerala . If u have any info please help . Also your info and pics should be published into a book about trivandrum :) There is a serious lack of books on Travancore even at the Trivandrum Public Library.

supafly said...

Dear Sharath Nice informative notes.My grand mother Smt.Sethu Lakhsmi pilla kochamma was the grand daughter of highness Visakham thirunal.My mother is Sethu rugmini Kochamma(GIRIJA) staying in Sasthamangalam Trivandrum....please ref Ganesh Thampis chat above....hope to see u sometime....

Hari Thampi said...

btb Part of the old Arumana ammaveedu is now unfortunately "CAFE MAYA"...but we still maintain the Ganapathy Temple behind the same...

Meenu said...

Anyone got a picture of Late Madhavan Thambi,who was actress ragini's husband?

Col Anand said...

Yes, I have.
Col Anand

Mahesh Kumar said...

i have photo of Late sri Madhavan Thampi
my father was one of his close friend
he was a noble man but got addicted to alcohol and went to a tragic end

Mahesh Kumar said...
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Mahesh Kumar said...

Hi Frnd im Mahesh kumar from kanyakumari
My father is a Friend of Late Sri Madhavan Thampi
Sri Madhavan Thampi is a noble man he has great interest in Car and Dogs
He imported a Doberman from Germany
That day it is very rare to get in india
When a new car arrives he buy and do altrations and he go a trip to madras with his friends to see car race
But his story was very tragedy
For funeral his body must be weared by veeravali pattu it’s the royal family’s tradition
It was night
My dad and that friend went to the shop waken up the owner and bought the pattu
And done his funeral

Another interesting thing my dads marriage is held on Sri Madhavan Thampi’s Palkulangara kottaram

Gopakumar said...


Why now a days no new posting? All are very busy shall we start a website for knowing each other to share idesa

Rama Chandran said...

Read all comments-actress Ragini used to drink a lot,and was in love with Vayalar rama Varma.

Dr V Sankaran Nair said...

Dr V Sankaran Nair
You will get more details about Antelr worship in Travancore form my book Nellu: Pauranika Keralathil , Published by Kerala Sahitya Academy
thank you
Sankaran Nair

Jehoshua Thomas said...

Very nice article and I am planning to visit this destination to shoot a documentary. Thanks.

Gayathree Thampi said...

I myself belong to kalappara ammaveedu. Arumana wasn't meant to be an ammaveedu it was meant to shelter the rebellious kochu thankachi of marthadavarma who loathed her father for killing her uncle who was a member of 8 veetil pillai. Arumana ammaveedu is often a term used for kalappara ammaveedu.

I don't know if the above information is true or not. But this is what I've been told

Gayathree Thampi said...

Kalappara veedu is related to raja kesavadas I think. Who's sisters were married to the princes to establish the prominent ammaveedus.

Can you tell me something about deviyodu ammaveedu?

I'm the great grand daughter of raghuvaran Thampi and trivikraman thampi (ref. Trivikramapuram near karamana) who succeeded in rounding up on velu Thampi and leading to his death.

Gayathree Thampi said...

Whose sisters **